AngularJS Overview

AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps and it is a javascript framework.Angular’s data binding and dependency injection eliminate much of the code you would otherwise have to write. AngularJS covers following concepts “Template, Directives, Model, Scope, Expressions, Compiler, Filter, View, Data Binding, Controller, Dependency Injection, Injector, Module, Service”. AngularJS is very easy […]

PHP Inheritance

inheritance is concept of accessing the properties from one class to another using “extends” key word we can call the properties of one class into another class. Definition of Inheritance is a sub class derived from base class or child class derived from parent class. Types of inheritance Single Inheritance Multiple Inheritance Multilevel Inheritance […]

PHP OOP Object Clone

Object cloning is a concept of creating a duplicate object with existing object of class. By using clone function we can create the duplicate object of an existing object. Example <?php class Userdetails { public $username; } $obj = new Userdetails(); echo $obj->username = ‘Scott’; echo “<br/>”; $newobj = clone($obj); echo $newobj->username; echo “<br/>”; $newobj->username […]

PHP OOP Object Copy

It is a concept of copying one object into another object.means we can refer a single address location with multiple reference variables. The first object name is “$obj”. and we copy $obj into new object “$newobj” Example <?php class Userdetails { public $username; public $userpassword; } $obj = new Userdetails(); $obj->username = ‘Scott’; $obj->userpassword = […]

PHP OOP Destructor

Destructor is also the type of method execute when the class object is destroying.By using ‘__destruct’ keyword we are creating destructor. By default the class object will destroy when the execution of program will executed we can also destroy the class object at middle by using ‘unset’ function If default constructor and constructor occur than […]

PHP OOP Constructor

Constructor is a type of method which containing class name.By default every class contains default constructor to load the class content into RAM memory location.We can also create an external constructor.To execute some statement when the class object is creating. PHP can create construct in two is by using class name another one is […]

PHP OOP Object

Object is an instance of class we can access the class members with the help of object.By using ‘new’ key word we can allocate memory location to load the class contents. <?php class cls1{ var $sno = 100; function fun1() { echo “from class”; } } $x = new cls1(); $x->fun1(); echo $x->sno; ?> Result […]

PHP OOP What is Object Oriented Programming

PHP 5.0 supporting number of oops concepts like Inheritance, Interface, Abstract classes etc. Object oriented programming concepts we are using to increasing the performance of application, reliability, and security of application. According object oriented programming concepts every statement we should place with in the class. Class Class is a primary template content members.class members are […]

PHP Mail Function

Mail By using mail function we can send an email from our application to destination ‘mail id’.it contains 4 arguments To Address, Subject, Body, and collection of headers. We can pass number of headers through the fourth argument of mail function the separator between one header and another header is ‘\r\n’ Different types of mail headers […]

PHP Header Functions

In network transmission header is a small amount of data packet between client and php headers are mainly divided into two types. Request headers Response headers Request headers Request header is a data transmission between browser and server. Response headers The data transmission between server and browser is called as response header. Different types […]